Weekend Load

A presentation made in gallery form. Photo courtesy of Emil Ancheta.

07:00 hours 8th of May at Jollibee Kalentong

07:30 hours 8th of May

08:30 hours 8th of May

09:20 hours 8th of May

Cheers to all! Big thanks to all who came, who tried, and who joined us in spirit. Your support to such endeavor means a whole lot.

04:30 hours 9th of May in TANAY

05:00 hours 9th of May

06:00 to 10:00 hours

10:01 to 12:00 hours

12:01 to 12:40 hours

12:49 hours

Time Stopped

Thanks to our support crew. Without them, we would not be complete! 🙂

Above everything, thanks and pray to the LORD our GOD for a good day of running. We all were able to finish. Right at the nick of time.


11 responses

  1. what a great weekend! thanks!

  2. congrats coach! 🙂

  3. awesome! congrats =)

  4. congratulations, bro! it was a very tiring but very fruitful weekend!

  5. Congrats Mar! It was indeed a powerful and successful weekend… The Feed and Give went well and you conquered the hills at Tanay… 🙂

  6. congratulations guys!

  7. congrats coach! LUFET ng ruta! hehehhe

  8. Congrats coach! I am proud that I’ve know you…

  9. congratulations coach! great achievements with nice sets of photos! 😀

  10. What a long and fruitful weekend. sa susunod uli.

  11. congrats coach another ULTRA conquer !!! 🙂

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