ON Counquering the Hardest Route

1st PAU (Philippine Association of UltraRunners) Run last May 9, 2010 proved to be the hardest of them all.

It’s even harder than BDM 102, some say. I could only agree.

I still can recall the elation I felt when I crossed the 2nd BDM 102 finishline. It was bliss!

Minutes and hours pass after crossing the finish line and I still could smile and walk around and share the joy to so many people.

It’s a lot different when I crossed the 1st PAU RUn. It was pure joy…

…but minutes after some photo-ops, I felt great pain on my knee. I was wincing and grimacing.

It was an odd feeling. I was just so used to a big time cramps, but not a knee pain. Looking back at what I did, I guess it’s the downhill. Conquered fast but for a price. Add to that what seemed to be a never-ending uphill walk and run to the finish line. Unforgettable indeed!

Happy to have conquered the hardest route. Looking forward with great excitement to conquering what’s next.


7 thoughts on “ON Counquering the Hardest Route

  1. Poj,

    I agree. Tanay was as hard as – or even harder than – BDM. Ouch talaga! Congrats, pare. See you in P2P!

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