Record of Philippine Marathons

Googling with all my might, my search for an information about the history or at least a chronology of the marathons held and won in the philippines resulted to nothing.

I checked the Philippine Sports Portal, and anything related to it but still get nothing. I could be missing on a good key word, or there’s really just nothing recorded.

What is it that I seek? A record of all the Marathons held in the Philippines, and won by whom at what time. Ideally, i’d start my search with MILO Marathons. It’s now on it’s 34th year of staging come July 4 in Manila, I can’t help but scratch the itching curiosity in my mind. If MILO is about to stage the 34th Marathon this year, who has the record of all the marathons from the 1st one to the present and what other Marathons were held? Why would I want such an information? Simple. I’d like to know who, among the great filipino runners of our time, has set the best record at what race and when and for how long.

Just that. Give me that info and i’d go back to my coffee and doughnut and be at peace with my askings.

Suspected owners of the information I need is: #1 MILO Philippines (and I’m sure they have that) #2 is the MILO Organizer/Race Director. How do I intend to get the information I need? I have no idea. I could email MILO. I could send the same question to the legendary race director Mr. Rudy Biscocho. But wait! I could always ask my friends. My runner friends. My “old” runner friends. By “old” here, I mean VETERAN.

This could just get so tedious and what-do-you-know-it could-get. But I must ask. Kindly please reply to this page. Send me the info you have.

#1 Marathon Name/Title/Event Description
#2 WHO won
#3 WHAT time

Hopefully, given a good response from all of you, I may be able to compile here in my own page, a historic record of inspirational runners and achievements.


P.S. So far, I have the following already (for I have ran ’em all) :

Botak Paa-Tibayan 42K, May 10, 2009
Won by: ?
Time: ?

33rd MILO Marathon Metro Manila Eliminations Run, July 5, 2009 5:30am
Won by: Rene Desuyo
Time: 2:33:38
Pace: 3:40

Quezon City International Marathon, October 18, 2009
Won by: ?
Time: ?

Subic International Marathon, October 24, 2009 4:30pm
Won by: Vincent Chipsiror of Kenya
Time: 2:27:54

Philippine International Marathon, November 8, 2009
Won by: ?
Time: ?

Cebu City Marathon, January 10, 2010 5:30am
Won by: Willy Tanui of Kenya
Time: 2:30:59

Condura 2010, February 7, 2010
Won by: ?
Time: ?

any help to complete this list is appreciated.


12 thoughts on “Record of Philippine Marathons

  1. hi, just wondering whether you were able to get info on philippine marathon? i’m putting together an article on philippine/filipino marathon stats so i need all the info i can get. thanks!

  2. hi forefoot, im a avid fans of runnersmagazine and this website of yours as well. im working here at diegogarcia ,British indian ocean a refueller in oil company..a lots of fun run here and im always won in 5k funrun..this is my present time record.15:33:01..can you help me to join a and to choose what runner club is best.?

  3. First Official Standard Marathon:
    1. National Track and Field Championships – Roxas City Capiz (1968)
    Starting Line – Brgy Burias, Mambusao, Capiz; End – Roxas City
    2. Ben Silva Netto (1st Place)
    3. Official time: 3:37:23

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