Within Reach but Out of Sight

As an adventurer, most of the times, I just go where the group will go. No questions asked as to where. We’d run for sure. We’d have fun. But I was left in awe at the sight of our new trail run. It’s within reach, but out of sight.

Around 4:45am, Aaron and I were already at the meeting place. The usual. Jollibee. One by one the others arrived – and the usual happened too! Vic is late. LOL

@ d parking lot before take off

We started to trek the route walking. Noticing how the road is going up, I initiated the run. Some followed-suit. Others warmed-up with a walk.

Racing the uphill with Aaron

I like uphills. Specially the ones with a nice view. It’s tranquil and meditative to me.

@ d gate to tralala twidel dudi
wat mas go ap mas go dawn

I chased that dog downhill until IT is barking no more…LOL (if that is his/her territory, he/she must be rich!)

yes. dat is me leading.

The trail was just so nice and quiet and would smell like ‘province’ in a good way. The only noise we’d hear from time to time is our own noise – laughters and footsteps – and dogs barking. I remember at one point when I continued to charge despite seeing the dog stop and sit on a dry part of a muddy trail. I got the growl at the first few meters near him. When I still plunge forward, he was already in attack mode…I was stepping backwards while he charge. LOL. It pays to test the water – but not all water is deep! This dog is too shallow! LOL

this is a haven

Who would have thought that such a haven of paradise exists?

dats mi en vic racing it ap da aphill

dats me leading the pack and running all the way to the top of the road you're seeing!

…and the trail has a special offer. See below!

the highest peaking uphill
i raced that 200m uphill from the bridge to the top!
nginig factor...

We’d surely be coming back to this place. Soon…very soon!


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