25 days AFTER

Some cool report about my NEW ANTA shoes. I first used it last May 20, 2010. Like NEWTON, it was too hot on the feet when I first run with it. Chronology of my runs as follows:

05.20.2010 = 05.61 kms
05.24.2010 = 07.67 kms
05.27.2010 = 09.98 kms
05.31.2010 = 02.65 kms
06.01.2010 = 09.67 kms
06.02.2010 = 07.42 kms
06.03.2010 = 07.60 kms
06.07.2010 = 07.93 kms
06.08.2010 = 05.99 kms
06.10.2010 = 05.80 kms
06.12.2010 = 19.54 kms
06.13.2010 = 03.00 kms
Total = 92.86 kms

So far, the faster I have ever logged in this shoes is a 2.02 kms in 9 minutes and 29 seconds. That’s an average pace of 4 minutes and 41 seconds per kilometer. Obviously, the longest which is a very nice run in my comfort pace of 6:30. I am confident that wearing this same shoe on July 4, I will be able to hit at least 4 hours and 30 minutes at the minimum.

longest run with my ANTA Shoes

I like the cushioning of this shoe. The heel is very much cushioned. The Mid part also to the forefoot. I noticed no problem even when I run tired. The shoe is light. When properly laced, the shoe hugs the feet. With the right allowance, my feet can still really breath. No feeling of constriction anywhere. I guess I’d by another pair for a trainer.

Thanks to my wife. She bought me this.

the model
the day i got it
after the bottle run - from midnight running

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