25 days AFTER

Some cool report about my NEW ANTA shoes. I first used it last May 20, 2010. Like NEWTON, it was too hot on the feet when I first run with it. Chronology of my runs as follows:

05.20.2010 = 05.61 kms
05.24.2010 = 07.67 kms
05.27.2010 = 09.98 kms
05.31.2010 = 02.65 kms
06.01.2010 = 09.67 kms
06.02.2010 = 07.42 kms
06.03.2010 = 07.60 kms
06.07.2010 = 07.93 kms
06.08.2010 = 05.99 kms
06.10.2010 = 05.80 kms
06.12.2010 = 19.54 kms
06.13.2010 = 03.00 kms
Total = 92.86 kms

So far, the faster I have ever logged in this shoes is a 2.02 kms in 9 minutes and 29 seconds. That’s an average pace of 4 minutes and 41 seconds per kilometer. Obviously, the longest which is a very nice run in my comfort pace of 6:30. I am confident that wearing this same shoe on July 4, I will be able to hit at least 4 hours and 30 minutes at the minimum.

longest run with my ANTA Shoes

I like the cushioning of this shoe. The heel is very much cushioned. The Mid part also to the forefoot. I noticed no problem even when I run tired. The shoe is light. When properly laced, the shoe hugs the feet. With the right allowance, my feet can still really breath. No feeling of constriction anywhere. I guess I’d by another pair for a trainer.

Thanks to my wife. She bought me this.

the model

the day i got it

after the bottle run - from midnight running


7 responses

  1. dapat may sponsorship si ANTA hehehe

    1. They do have, Jet. BUt they sponsor ELITE ATHLETES only. huhuhuhu.

  2. This is the review I have been waiting for!

    What model is this?

    1. I have attached a picture of the the box of the shoe.

  3. I have the same model of shoes, nagkakaproblema ba kyo sa init sa paa?

    1. Before, yes. Ganun naman pag bago. Pero now, wala na. Im comfortable using it. Speeds or Long Run.

  4. Someone also told me that ANTA rubber shoes are popular from where they came from.

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