Always Finish your Marathon

Knowing from the start that I will not be able to qualify, I treated the race as another extra-ordinary long run with a medal.

Confident that I will not have any ‘endurance’ issue to address, I was really resolved to running this race at the best I could.

with Team Boring at the START

As a negative splitter, I tried out a positive split this time. Well it turned out to be that way. I started strong. Sub 60 for first 10Kms. Come the 2nd loop, I was on a good pace. 1:09 for the 2nd 10kms. It was a fun run. I could see lots of happy faces and smiles. I saw cheaters too! I saw one that started after the Buendia Flyover. He was dropped-off and was stupid enough to arrange and place his bib for the runners to see. I have no cam and I have a run to continue, so in passing, I could only make a mention of it.

The 3rd loop is where everything seems to have come to a halt. At Km 30, I started to feel a cramp climbing up my calf. It was still tolerable, but then I slowed down just to make sure. I was well hydrated. It made me wonder how on earth would I cramp early. I was supposed to feel this near the closing kilometers to the finish line.

At KM 32.5, after passing through the Takbo.PH Support Station and getting a good massage for my screaming calf cramp, I jog/walk the next 5 or 6kms. No more waters on the route. No more cold gatorades. Lots of walking runners. It was a struggle.

with Team Boring's master Cindy and Mccoy

Right on time when I needed a drink and some water to splash my head with, I came across the Team AnR Alabang at the last 2.5km Marker. Thank God. It was a welcome sight. Much needed and timely. They brought me a cup of water and gatorade to drink. They ‘sponged’ my shoulders and someone splashed a gallon of water on me. I was dripping wet – which is what I like.

With AnR-Alabang Group

After the quick photo-op on that refreshing stop, I continued and jogged my way to the finish line. Thanks to Rania who gave me a bottle of cold water at Km 0.

I was all smiles as I approach the finish line. It was still a good run at a hard route. I am not a finalist, but I will always finish.

Unless you’re in a major injury, or in deep and urgent emergency, finish your race. No matter how long. No matter how hard. Run and jog. Jog and walk. Walk if you must to reserve more energy as you near the finish – but always finish. No excuses. No ifs, no buts. You START, you FINISH. As simple as that.

See the happy face?
with the rest of the Gang at the Finish Line

6 thoughts on “Always Finish your Marathon

  1. Hi Mar. This is the types of posts that I like. You definitely enjoy the sport and have many supporters. I’m definitely looking forward to November when I can meet you and many others. The posts by you and other runner-bloggers continue to inspire me all the time. Take care and keep on running.

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