The Silence

No Im not injured. I am so fine I could run any distance at will now. LOL

Im simply just taking time. Resting my body for the next training. I’d really like to start from scratch, and savor the new training for the next marathon.

I’ve been reading a lot (cross training?) on periodization, cross-training, speed work-outs and ways to improve my 5K time. I place a high value on educating one’s self before doing something. I think it wise to be safe, than sorry.

I have contemplated a lot of time over these articles:

Speed drills can improve your running form, making you faster and more efficient.
By Amby Burfoot

How marathon training can supercharge your speed.
By Ed Eyestone

Want to take the guesswork out of training? Then you need a heart-rate monitor. Here’s how to use it.
By Dagny Scott-Barrios

Well I have no HRM yet. But thank God, while I wonder how to do RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), a kind soul offered to give me one. Im now excited to train with it.

I will post my work-outs here when I am already started. For others to see how effective (or otherwise) my training is. Given proper guidance and balance over the regimens, I expect to see a big leap on my marathon time.

Wish me luck!


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