Long Long August

As early as the 2nd week of July, lots of plans came to mind about long runs in preparation for the big event on August 29 in Ilocos – The 2nd PAU Run, Pasuquin to Pagudpud 65kms Ultramarathon. Running addicts alike agreed on the following plan. Details may be found in the Takbo.PH forums:

August 01 – Team Boring 1/4 and Friends. 12.54 kms of Trail with Hill Repeats. Pictures for posting here soon! In Attendance: Pojie, Vic, Edwin, Maan, David, Toto, Wap and Marky.

August 08 – Tanay Route. Team Boring and friends. 30 kms of never-ending hills! Over 60++ runners joined this event. We started in the dark and cold. Hard rain in the middle. Hard rain when all else is finished. Going home, there’s the sun. 🙂

(stolen from Jet Paiso’s DM post.!)

Yeah Yeah…that’s exactly the trail route of the run. From 2119 feet, we dip down to 774 feet. Then, we go up again. 🙂 Use your imagination if you’re not there.

August 15 – Alfonso Route. Breakfast at Gab’s place. About 40 kms of Up and Down Hills. By invitation. = Im out of this one. Werk conflict. 😦

August 19 and 20, Heat Training. 10am to 3pm.
August 29 – Event Day. 65kms of flats and hills.

Mind you. Somebody asked if we’d still run on the 22nd of August. LOL. Now that’s some addiction.

All for P2P training.

9 thoughts on “Long Long August

  1. for Aug8, same lang yung start & finish line correct?

    for Aug29, san hotel kayo bro mag stay? just to know sana para at least dun na din kame mag stay. para magkakasama na tayo. Thanks.

      1. hi Pojie, It was really nice to finally meet you guys. congrats to a wonderful event. The uphills & downhills are great. Hope I could join the next LSD. Kitakits soons. Thanks!

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