Crunching The Numbers …

…and swallowing the sum.

The rule is a day’s rest for every mile YOU RACED. Take note. Counting back from the date, and slicing now the trainings required, it would be a big test of patience.

3rd BDM for 2011 would have 151 kms. To train for it, you will need back-to-back long runs. As suggested by a friend, at least 1 very long – 90 km run. If I do just that, 56 days at least would be the rest. That should be prior to the big event. 56 days? Relax. The rule says, YOU RACED. What if I just jogged? What if I just run slow and easy?

42.195 kms would mean at least 26 days of rest to recover.
21 kms would mean at least 13 days of rest.
16 kms would mean 10 days.
10 kms is 6 days.
5 kms, 3 days.

IF, YOU Raced. Racing means hard running. Hard running is at most full effort to real big effort. Normally, after a Marathon, recovery run is just after two days. After a week, Im fine and ready to run again at the same speed (if i may call it that).

What if you just run any run – long or not, at an easy pace, will that mean there’s no need to take the maximal rest to recover?

After a back-to-back Marathon on a Saturday and Sunday, how long must I rest?

Crunch the numbers…crunch the numbers.

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