Weird and Wild

Some plans I have. Some thoughts so wild that they do seem unacceptable.

How about running Condura 42K at dawn but starting a run at midnight from Kilometer 0 to the starting line? (This I can’t do…Taper mode)

How about a heat run from 10am to 3pm? – (DONE!)

How about a back-to-back Marathon (yeah, FULL!) on a Saturday and Sunday? (Soon!)

How about a 24-hour run in a track? Common already? (Done in a Parade Ground. Fat Ass 2011!)

How about a POOL run from 8am to 10am? Hmmmm…(EASY?)

How about a stair climb from Ground Floor to 30th, done twice? (Soon!)

Rest and think more.

For the meantime, enjoy the parade of weirdness below:

The CouchBike
The TreadMillBike
The Powerizer
Pedal Pub
The Walking Bike

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