It puzzles me. In a community of runners, only a few delve deep into the topic of running. I just noticed. They’d rather talk about things that I find non-sensical. But then we all have reasons. I guess I should just let them be. If they really want to be runners, I guess they’d have to find their own way to be one.

Yes, I am a runner. I may not be as fast as you would expect – I am also not slow. Runners do walk too. Else, there’d be no walk breaks and there’d be no such thing as Galloway.

As a runner, I spend time to dig deep into the mud of informations available in the internet. Caution though, as we later found out – the tips and ways given in the net are not all GOOD for everybody. Some are even misleading. It’s really best to try something that is tried and tested. We’re not lab rats for someone’s experiment – but indeed, there are some tips worth trying.

Where do we go to now if that is the case?

Enter the group in the picture. Group of experienced marathoners and ultrarunners. Not just somebody who claims to be somebody. There must be some real good truth in the saying: EXPERIENCE is the best teacher.

Not everybody can afford a personal coach. But anybody can join a group and learn from all the other’s experience. What’s the use of a good knowledge if it is not to be shared?

Unless you are all knowing, you need an experienced runner to guide your new experiences at running.


7 thoughts on “Puzzles

  1. I agree with you Pojie. Thats why I really appreciate it that I was able to know you guys, The importance of knowing an experience runner is far off better than reading the internet.

  2. Nonsensical?

    Like sino ang crush mo, love quotes, and never ending story threads?

    It’s a shame that Takbo.ph/ Takbo.net has transformed from a serious forum rich of information regarding running to an online chatroom filled with armchair/ keyboard teeny-bopper runners who spends more time at the chatbox and uploading their “training” run pics in their FB accounts than actually training.

  3. i believe in experience as being the best teacher. however it’s also wise to heed the words of veteran runners, and learn from their experience.

    i miss reading sensible threads, where i actually LEARN about running…

    great post sir. 🙂

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