Ultrarun Schedules

For my dream marathon of 4 hours come January 2011, I have already laid-out my training plan. I will work hard on my speed. BUT…there’s something that could get in the way.

Before, when I was younger and slower than today, I have dreamt of becoming an Ultrarunner. Now that I am, I am enjoying it. Who wouldn’t? Ultramarathons are almost every month now.

August 29 – 2nd PAU P2P 65 kms – DONE!
October 09 – 3rd PAU Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge (Might miss this one …)
November 14 – 4th PAU Tagaytay to Nasugbu 50 kms (Will join this.)

..I hope to be able to recover fast for my track work-outs. Otherwise, somebody is doomed not to beat the dream. But then again, to stay alive and finish well and strong on next year’s BDM 151 kms, I will really need extra long runs. See this inverted time schedule from the future to today:

BDM 151 date = March 5 and 6, 2011.
Condura 2011 = February 6, 2011 + 50kms?
Manila International Marathon = January 16, 2011 + 30 kms?
Cebu City Marathon 2011 = January 9, 2011 + 20 kms?

21K @ MILO Finals on December 12, 2010 @ Easy Pace?
21K @ 2nd Quezon City International Marathon on December 5, 2010 @ Race Pace?

November 2010 = Weekly LONG RUNS, per Marathon Training Plan + PAU.
October 2010 = Weekly LONG RUNS, per Marathon Training Plan + PAU.
September 2010 = Marathon Training Plan

Present day to December 2010 = Weekday Track Work-outs, per Marathon Training Plan.

Now that’s some plan. May the Lord guide us and bless this plan.

Btw, PAU is not your ordinary liniment. It stands for something. PAU = Philippine Association of Ultrarunners.


17 thoughts on “Ultrarun Schedules

      1. OW as in owch! I guess u haven’t heard that Pau liniment radio commercial? That’s their tagline: walang ow sa pau (liniment). Hehe

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