Blog Stats Amplified

At the first month of this blog, I got 1, 890 views. To date, I already have 22, 094. The busiest month is July 2010 with 2, 103 views while the busiest day is a Monday, dated November 16, 2009.

This is the blog on that day: Here.

My most visited blog of all time has 1, 277 views to date. This.

These two here and here, both have a perfect 100 views for all time. I guess they are not as important to some readers as they are to me.

This one has 21 views. My birth number. See it.

Now this, to my great surprise ranked 4th only, for my all time most viewed. I wonder why. Click. It’s an extract from Lydiard’s.

Here’s what’s more interesting. Of my 173 posts, I got no more than 957 comments only. That’s something I guess. I checked other blogs too. I make a comment and leave a reply. I wonder why that doesn’t happen all the time.

But this, I do not understand as of this moment. Of my 28 subscribers, I have 50 subscriptions. Why is that?


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