The week after the 2nd BDM (Bataan Death March) 102 kms Ultramarathon last March 2010, I lost a lot of weight. At 145 before the big event, I was 138 the week after. And then I gained it all back and more. My weight suddenly rose to as high as 150 lbs dwindling up and down to 145.

Now, more than a week after the 2nd PAU (Philippine Association of Ultrarunners) 65Kms +5 Ultramarathon in Ilocos Norte that started in Pasuquin and finished in Pagudpud, I am surprised.

I weighed myself before I run this afternoon. I’m 137.28 lbs. Perfect. I’m lighter. Right in time for my track work-outs where I will definitely be in no need of any excess weight.

Thank God. Thanks to Ultrarunning. Thanks to the challenges.


2 thoughts on “Surprised

  1. but how do we maintain that weight? I experienced the same too, a week after my first full marathon (Milo last July). now the weight is all back, and more! hayyzzz….

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