Quo Vadis?

Without pre-empting anything nor concluding something for anybody, let me blow my own mind.

The recent unlikely development and the final decision re P2P race has gotten a lot of mixed emotions and feelings towards the ultramarathon, the events, and the personalities.

A lot of those emotions are just plain unwanted. Now emotions are mixed.

But as it is, where to now?

Personally, I’m saddened. A personal friend was involved. Allegedly blah blah blah. But I say that it’s impossible.

She will never do what is alleged.
She is too strong for the distance.
She is not crazy enough to deny herself the chance to join the dream ultra of 102.
She will not travel and spend a lot of hard-earned money just to put herself to shame.
She is one of ours. We basically grew-up running.

It takes a lot to swallow one’s pride.

But for a better tomorrow, would you?

I would. Yes, I would. We can never be less of a man we are if we sometimes take a step back and reconsider our own being.

4 things, ‘Father’ said at a special mass we had in Pasuquin, are made of crystal. Only 1 is made of rubber.

#1 God and our Spiritual Life
#2 Family
#3 Health
#4 Relationships (Friends)
#5 Work (Wealth)

…that means, the 1st four (4) should be handled with care. The last one is simply replaceable.


9 thoughts on “Quo Vadis?

  1. Pride vs Passion… i hate to see these kinds of incidents unfold. it is somewhat unbelievable, bold, a misfortune, inaccurate and tragic for the whole running comunity

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