A Clear View

What Happened?

As early as July this year, I have posted a structured marathon training plan for QCIM. I am dreaming of accomplishing a better time this time by racing. See the old post. But then I have to change the plan…(see it) I just thought that I would need some more race-specific workouts to focus more on my lack of speed. The ultraruns would have great impact, I thought. So I revised the plan and opt to race in Cebu by January, 2011. God works in ways we cannot see. It’s so amazing when He does. I chanced upon an announcement by RUNNR for a running clinic. I signed up and we’re now in the 6th Session of Training. And were running QCIM! LOL šŸ™‚

What’s New?

APEX is Athletic Performance Enhancement Training. This is thru the expertise of Coach Jim Saret. He introduced us to a workout to improve our strength and more. It’s been published lately. Here. With just 6 sessions so far, I have already noticed improvement in my speed. I hope we’d be able to continue keeping up with the workouts. We still have a long way to go. At this early, i’m enjoying every run of it! The pre-workout drills and the post-run exercises never fail to challenge us. Not to mention the run itself. It just makes a lot of sense. It’s like starting out with Gabriele Rosa’s marathon training pyramid. Speed comes first.

What am I doing?

I simply follow the training as scheduled. It’s a structured training. Right duration for the preparation I’d need. All we need to do is show-up. And stay-injury free, to be able to keep-up with the workouts. I think the better thing to do now is leave everything to the coaches. I’m too busy to worry over things. Got work, you know. Got to run too.

What to Expect?

With the way we are progressing, as early as it may seem, I could say that I am on the right track to improving my time. It may be too premature to predict, but it will be good, I believe. All’s clear now. I can see way beyond today. It’s a clear view of what I will be after this Running Clinic. Thanks to the Coaches. Thanks be to God.


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