Tough Week

I was able to log only 36 kms for the whole week before the week I started joining the MILO APEX Running School. I thought I’d better be prepared by getting some rest. That I’d be getting my mileage by simply attending. I was wrong.

Week 1 logged only 22 kms
Week 2 logged 27 kms
Week 3 logged 37 kms but I did my weekend long run in Daang Hari
Week 4 logged 33 kms
Week 5 logged 42 kms but my weekend runs were done in different places. One in Malate, and the other one in U.P.

Yet this last week is one of the toughest. I would have not stated the same if only I was able to attend last night’s (October 19) 7-station Resistance/Cardio Circuit Training.

Let me break the 42Kms in 4 runs.
Tuesday night logged an easy 4.8 kms
Thursday night logged a hard 9.6 kms intervals
Saturday morning logged an easy 6.46 kms
Sunday morning logged a hard to easy run of 21 kms

Now why is that tough? I have work the afternoon I did the 21. Before it, I was only able to get an hour of sleep after Saturday’s 6.46 easy kms. I really felt that I have not recovered well after Thursday’s Interval – which I pushed to above 80% of my Max HR – which Coach Sid suggested we follow. And such Interval run was done after doing a hard circuit work-out that blasted my legs. Also, this last week holds the highest mileage so far.

I know I shouldn’t have missed last night’s tough work-out. I hope the next session would be as hard. That I may be able to catch up.

Thank God.


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