In My Playground

Things change. Nothing’s really quite the same now.

Even in my playground.

Before, the stretch of Baywalk is filled with dining stores and rock to acoustic bands. Running through is enough a good work-out. Passing back at night will really make you turn your head. It was an awesome sight. Lots of people to weave at. Lots of vendors to avoid. Lots of sounds. Lots of smiling faces. Lots of laughter all around. Then it all disappeared. I was witness to the change. I jogged this place since 2001.

The change brought another change. Since nothing hampers anything now, a lot of joggers just popped out from nowhere. The usual late afternoon activity is a sight of moving people. Either on bike, on foot, or on skateboards. Joggers became the dominant number, next to the vendors. Sunset visitors would always include the foreigners with their huge cameras. Photoshoot is too common in this place.

Suddenly there was a boom. Races before are much awaited. You really get ample training time for one. The costs for registration too is very much affordable. You can register for up to 3 races if you have Ninoy to spare. Compared to now, Ninoy is not enough for a 21K race. But let’s not despair. There’s really something real nice to smile about…

A Runner’s opened last October 16, 2010. Near my playground. It’s at the side of Aloha Hotel at the corner of Roxas Blvd and Quirino Ave. We’re lucky enough to be invited, to grace the opening and get to run and share breakfast together. Some of my friends even won in the raffle. I just don’t. (Sigh)

Now I have to get back at Rob. He told me something. (That he’ll give me his calling card). He’ll ‘pay’ for that…LOL 🙂


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