Winds of Change

Just a day after I wrote this one –, the wind changed everything. The planned training for BDM 151 would need to extend further more – – – to 160 kms.

Yes, it will be a hard run. But for someone who is prepared – by God’s grace – all will be well. Truly, God work’s in ways we cannot see. I have planned to run Cebu Marathon again by January 2011, but the wind of change blew hard on it again. Some tell – tale sign made me decide to forego it. Instead, i’d be running the Fat Ass 2011 edition. For the following ‘quick thinking’ reasons:

#01 It is nearer home. The tall order form the little lady (to go home) might just be easily granted. LOL
#02 The 24-hour run is a good work-out and gauge for the upcoming 30-hour BDM 160 kms. If I could just make good with the 24 hours, I could very well get the confidence for the remaining hours.
#03 Majority of the ‘TEAM BORING’ peeps will be there too…that means, we’d have a lot of support!

May the good Lord who sees everything guide us and help us in this endeavor. Amen.


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