Crunching and Munching Everything

160 kilometers. 28 hours. Hmmm. How do I break it?

How about four (4) 40-kilometers with 7 hours for each 40? Very much possible right? That’s exactly 28 hours if I could complete every 40 kilometers in 7 hours. That means ample time of rest. Energy very much conserve. Hmmm. But I need to cross the 102nd Kilometer by the 18th hour. Hmmm.

What if I divide the time based on the 18th-Hour cut-off at the 102? How about two (2) 51-kilometers with 9 hours for each 51? Very much possible. I have done the previous 102K with just about 5 minutes before cut-off time. I only have to duplicate that. Then I’d have 10 remaining hours for the last 48 (or is that 49 kilometers)? Hmmm…

Reality check: The BDM 160K will start at 5:00 am of February 26, 2011. Given a good weather, some clouds to cover the sun, and some mist in the mid noon (where it is hottest) to early afternoon, I really think that I’d be able to run at a good pace. However, a lot of time will be spent resting and walking when it becomes too hot and humid. Never mind the smoke from the buses. Never mind the hunger (that would seldom sets in). It’s really the heat that slows down everything.

How about Eight (8) 20-Kilometers? Hmmmm. This is very much enticing to me. It eliminates the pressure somehow. Eight (8) 20s in about 3 hours each. Hmmmm. That’s even faster than the cut-off time. That could even mean that I’d be at the 102nd Kilometer between the 15th hour but before the 16th. Hmmm. That would mean a steady 9-minute per kilometer pace. Which will never be steady due to many breaks. Or I would take a break and catch up with the pace? Err…not feasible.

It will just be the same banana if I would stick to a 6-hour 40-kilometers. The pace will still be 9. But I really need to beat the 1st cut-off of 18 hours at the 102nd Kilometer marker. So first things first. The 102nd Kilometer-Time should be the priority. And to be sure about beating it, I have to give it an allowance of at least 1 to 2 hours. Hmmmm.

102 kilometers in 16 hours would average 9 minutes 24 seconds per kilometer.
102 kilometers in 16.5 hours would average 9 minutes 42 seconds per kilometer.
102 kilometers in 17 hours would average 10 minutes per kilometer.

I like the last one. The average pace per kilometer is already inclusive of rests and loading breaks. No need to mention the unloadings. LOL

If God is willing and I am able to be at the 102nd Kilometer by the 17th hour, that would leave me more than 10 hours for the last 48 or 49 kilometers to the coveted grand finish line of the biggest event. Hmmm. That’s a good thought. Makes me wonder a lot – but the smiles elicited is more than the idea. Hmmm.

As adviced, I’d have to train for my pace. I have to stick to my training plan. I have to be conscious of many factors this time. Hmmm. This could only be Specificity. Hmmm…

God be with us.


4 thoughts on “Crunching and Munching Everything

  1. I like doing the 20km/3hr. It looks easy on paper. The Umstead 100 stat found out that “average runner takes 15% longer for to finish the next 50 mile”. Since I’m below average, it’s going to be a struggle… But at least we try… Pang consuelo de bobo. 🙂
    Sasabay din ako say coach.

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