Hills and CORE Drills

Squeezing out everything useful from experience and googling things about strengthening for a hundred-miler kept me so busy. Aside from the fact that I was not able to follow the required mileage according to my own training plan – Im ok. LOL

I have exactly 70 days or an exact 10 weeks before the biggest event. I should be resting on the last 2. Taper starts on the last 4. Yes, that means missing CONDURA 2011. Hmmm. I have at least 6 weeks to catch up on the strengthening, but I do have to log the longest run for this event by the 8th. I would surely be sore by the 7th (last 7 weeks prior), and would be able to log quality runs again by the 6th – which is exactly 2 weeks to taper. LOL.

So little time – so much to do.

Anyways, those quality runs equates to hill running, and mile repeats. Im confident Im not lagging that much. The long run by the first week of January should be able to tell me exactly how I would fare. That’s exactly 13 days from this thought.

Like I would on anyone or anybody who would approach me for advice, not being able to run can be remedied by simple workouts. And with simple, I mean Tabata. It’s a sure way to be sore – but it’s also effective. CORE exercises will greatly benefit anyone. I will attest to that.

My last 10 weeks would look exactly like this:

Week 10 – Short RUNS @ 10K race pace + Tabata + 1 long run @ E pace. 17 kms done!
Week 09 – Short RUNS @ 10K race pace + Tabata 27 kms done!
Week 08 – Long long run @ E/L pace 91 kms done!
Week 07 – Recovery Short Runs + Light Active Recovery Drills 7 kms done!
Week 06 – Long Runs @ E/L pace + Tabata 49 kms done!
Week 05 – Short Runs @ 10K Race Pace + Tabata 61 kms done!
Week 04 – (January 31 to February 6) Short Runs @ 10K Race Pace + Tabata Short Runs only…!
Week 03 – (February 7 to 13) Short Runs @ 10K Race Pace + Tabata Short Runs and Tabata!
Week 02 – (February 14 to 20) Tabata Drills + Carbo Loading did Tabata Squats, short Runs and lots of carbo loading.
Week 01 – (February 21 to 25) Carbo Loading + Short Runs @ E/L pace Loaded and ready to go!

Race Day = February 26 to 27, 2011

Good luck and God Bless the Ultrarunners!

2 thoughts on “Hills and CORE Drills

  1. Last weekend I did five miles with no issues the week before that 7 with no problems. ….Is it normal to have difficulty with the short runs during the week than with the long runs on Saturdays? Posted 7 27 2004 9 15 AM 54990 – in reply to 54989 Subject RE Horrible short runs easy long runs?Elite VeteranPosts 1169Location Central FloridaWhat else are you doing during the week?

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