Master Perspective

Ok. Let’s toy with this game.

6 kilometers per hour will take me at KM-48 after 8 hours. After 10 hours, I’d be at KM-60. By the 15th hour, I’d be at KM-90. By the 17th hour (which is my target time to beat the 102), I’d be at KM-102! Wow! Very nice…I hope to be able to do this!

Ok. Let’s pretend I can do that.

I would have 11 hours to complete the remaining distance to the finish line of 160Kms. If I’d maintain the same pace (again, pretending I can do it) By the 20th hour, I’d be at KM-120. Leaving me with 8 hours to complete 40 kms. Hmmmm. Sounds interesting.

Some say that for the 160K, being at the 130th KM with enough strength and will power to spare will most likely take you to the finish line – or something like that.

6 kms per hour is 10 minutes per kilometer. But that should include rests. And meal stops. And other stops. (You know). If I would stop for 15 minutes, I’d pay for that. That would add to the agony of catching up later in the game. But if I will not stop, I will surely not be able to finish. 🙂 LOL. Funny as it sounds, it’s a serious thought in mind. The question would pop and would raise branches of smaller questions after.

How long should my stops be? What enough rest would be enough?

While I would not entertain negativities, valid strategic questions are good exercise for the mind.

How long can I sustain that pace of 10 minutes per kilometer?
Will I even stick with it? (I might go faster – and fade later!)

16 hours and 40 minutes of running at 10-minute pace would get me 100 kms.
8 hours and 20 minutes of running at 10-minute pace would take me to half of the above. That’s 50 kms.
4 hours and 10 minutes of running at 10-minute pace would take me to half of the above half. That’s 25 kms.

It’s really the rest that kills the target. It’s the pacing after the rests that keeps the target alive.



Thanks, Sir Jovie. Hmmm…

I’d continue this. Let me pause for a day’s while.

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