Significant or Relevant?

What you will see below is a list of my long runs. Are they significant or relevant? LOL

88 KMS @ Fat Ass 2011. January 8 to 9, 2011
42.6 KMS 2nd QCIM. 12.05.2010. Finished in 5:13:08.
32 KMS UNILAB 2. 11.21.2010. Finished in 4:19:XX. PERSONAL PACER FOR ATTY MORGAN.
50 KMS 4th PAU T2N 2010. 11.14.2010. Finished in 7:38:14
70 KMS 2nd PAU P2P. 08.29.10. Finished in 12:35:04.
42.195 KMS 34th Milo Marathon. 07.04.2010. Finished in 05:42:14. (Chip Time)

I’d be doing the BDM 160K in about 6 weeks. My longest of longest in the last 6 months is just a wee bit above half of what I intend to do. I wonder.


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