No Marathon Yet

It’s already the 2nd month of the year. I have no marathon yet. LOL

Yes. That includes Condura. I really did not register. I was hoping to get to run free. LOL

Now let me qualify.

First, I am not a newbie. If I would claim to be one, Im sure to get a lot of raising eyebrows. And I don’t think anybody would believe. 🙂 This blog site contains everything about my running.

Second, I did a very long run last month (first week) at the Fat Ass 2011 in Clark Field, Pampanga. I was able to cover 88 kms. And by the last week, I joined the BDM test run for 58 kms.

I was even surprised to see my DM stats that I was able to log 208 kilometers for the month of January alone. That’s 4 marathons + 40 kilometers! LOL

Lastly, I have no marathon yet as of this writing because I am running longer distances. I am actually preparing for the 1st longest ultramarathon in the country – The BDM (Bataan Death March) 160 kilometers. One must be able to finish BDM 102 first to qualify to this event. I did!

P.S. With marathon, I mean certified races. No need to mention the distance (for there is only one distance for a marathon). 🙂


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