12 days to Agony Road

Time really flies so fast.

Today is Valentine’s Day.

I guess I’d have to greet everybody first.

Given the remaining days to the biggest, the grandest, the happiest – boring – confusing – event of the year along the “Agony Road”, I can’t help but wonder what the others are doing and thinking.

I do run. But short short runs only. May be fast, but still easy. What I want to avoid is an injury. Not at this stage. I can’t afford to get sick. Is an aching tooth counted as a sickness? LOL

I think it’ll be one run worth all the wait. It’s too long to underestimate. It’s too hard to take lightly. But then, the key I think is taking it easy.

I think and I believe, that the one who can pace at a good pace (I hope you get what I mean), will be victorious – happy and strong near the finish line.

12 days and counting…

Looking forward.


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