Everyone is Unique

Indeed. NO two runner are the same.

Weh? LOL

Try to find it out yourself. See the race result of your latest run. Have you seen a big number of runners who finished at exactly the same time you did? To the last seconds?

Have you ever seen a total stranger who started at the gunstart with you and is with you the whole time up to the finish line?

Simply put – no one is ever the same with anybody. There may be similarities – but we are all unique. Hence, dwelling on the habit of comparing oneself to others is not just inappropriate but also an insult to your own gifts.

We cannot really categorize the runners. We are just so vast and individually unique to sort out – but, it’s possible to site some few clusters or groupings. This is my own observation. Let me just state that this is also MY HUMBLE OPINION.

Elite Groups – we know who they are. They are the ones who is almost always at the top of the race results.

Racer Group – These would include a lot of people. From newbie to oldies. They are the ones who give much profit and donation to all the races happening everywhere. These are the ones who is almost always registered – week after week after week. They may also comprise of other runners from other groups. They are just so pumped up and active that weekly races appeal to them so much. No, not me. I used to be. But not anymore.

WildCard Group – I really do not know how to categorize these people I know. They are just like wildcards. They train well. But they just don’t race. Not weekly. Not monthly. But you’d get to see them in big events. Some fast, some not so. But they are serious. They know their stuff so well.

Ultrarunner Group – Now this is where I belong. These group includes marathon maniacs. Long distance training run is a big delight. Not a weekly racer but more of a choosy racer. We do run short distances. Yes, as short as 3K. The route doesn’t matter. Trail, Hills, Flats – just whatever. As long as it’s a good run. Always better if it’s a long one. This group is one of the most misunderstood, I think. Intimidating, yes. But almost always, misunderstood. Let me count the ways:

#1 – We are callled CRAZY. We can’t blame the world. We’re just misundertood. We run at anytime. With whatever time we have for running, and more specially when we have to “acclimatize”. That would mean MIDNIGHT to morning run, and morning to NOON TIME, or morning to LATE AFTERNOON, or NOON TIME to LATE AFTERTOON to NIGHT or EARLY AFTERNOON to night. Crazy. LOL. For whatever misunderstood reason we have – just don’t mind us. And shatap!

#2 – We are regarded as INTIMIDATING. Again, we can’t blame the world. We like LOVE long distances. That would mean not just long in terms of distance, but also of the time. That would go to a minimum of a marathon to 50K and above. I myself have done 50. 70, 80, 102 and 160 kilometers. I wonder when we’d get to experience a race for 120 or 200. 🙂

#3 – We are so FEW. Almost everybody knows everybody – not necessarily by name, and we enjoy a unique kind of camaraderie. Check out all the known ultra races on record. You’d see. No more than 200 runners on a particular distance. Sample:

3rd BDM 102 Finishers – 112
1st BDM 160 Finishers – 34 (I am a Finisher. But I finished beyond cut-off time. I am #37)
2nd BDM 102 Finishers – 104 (I am Finisher #102)

1st Mayon 360 50 Miler Finishers – 59 (I am Finisher #55)
BDM160 58K Test Run Finishers – 43 (I am Finisher # 34)

4th PAU T2N Finishers – 159 (I am Finisher #134)
1st Mt Pinatubo 50K Finishers – 56
2nd PAU P2P 70K Finishers – 119 (I am Finisher #99)
1st PAU Tanay 50K Finishers – 104 ( I am Finisher #75)

I hope there’s be a repeat of T2N.

Looking forward, there will be more PAU races to prepare for. A 60K and a 100K in July. I could smell lots of new ultrarunners in these race.

With all the above observation, I am convinced.

I am Unique.

We are Unique.

Everyone is.

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