Alaska Family Fun Run

Yes, there is.

Free Run.
Free Race.
Free shirt – which is so nice.
Free drinks – lots of gatorade and water.
Free loot bag – loaded with tetra-packed drinks and a hydration bottle.

Thanks to the Running DIVA for the race kits.

It was indeed a well-organized fun event – THE Alaska Family Fun Run.

Except for the long wait for the gunstart, it was an almost perfect race.

The whole family joined the run. My wife and my daughter in the 5K, me and my youngest in the 3K.

We were early in the venue. It was a festive day. The atmosphere was all warmth and smiles.


with my son POJIE


POJIE, upon crossing the finish line.
With my FAMILY
With Team MOA and family
With POJIE the Pogi!

It’s a rarity these days.

I’m glad though that there exists one of it’s kind.

May there be more to come!

Thanks to ALASKA! Wala pa rin talagang tatalo!


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