Adination of Runners 2nd 5th Sunday Run

It was a festive day.

Met a lot of friends I have not seen for a long time.

Saw a lot of familiar faces too.

Good weather. Good run.

I clocked my 5K in 26 minutes 21.6 seconds.

..and the Team Moa runners lined-up for the event gave their all. It was a sight to behold for me.

Top that with an Overall 2nd Place for Team Moa’s Women’s Relay Team!

ANR MOA / Team MOA Women's Relay Team

I saw it unfold before my eyes. How they pushed – but not pushed too much so as to not make it.

I was shouting in great joy. Too happy for them – accomplishing what they did.

The runners in other categories gave their best too. It’s just not enough to make it in the top 3.

Daphne came 4th in the Women’s 5K Individual Category.

The boys hit 6th place.

The men’s relay team was a thriller. Composed of Mike, Alex, Pol, Paul and Pepper (parang rock band!). They were able to give their best for a 4th place too.

Good job guys. It was meant to be a fun day. And it is!


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