Practice Makes Perfect


Very true.

You want to run fast? RUN FAST in your practice. Practice running at fast paces.

You want to run and endure the distance? RUN long and take very little rest. Teach your body to endure. Teach your body how to go the distance – regardless of how long.

You want to turn every run into an easy run? Then practice.

Do what you must.

Just do it.

Nothing beats the odds than a regular, consistent and quality running. Consistency brings about the endurance. Quality brings about the stamina. Or both endurance and stamina in one consistent quality work-out. 🙂

No matter what time just take advantage of what you have. Squeeze what you can. And then, be satisfied.

Take advantage of your youth. It’s a lot wiser to start running now and grow stronger than wait till you can’t run anymore to want running.

Running is not a bug that will bite. It’s A WAY OF LIFE!

It’s a routine as regular as breathing.

I said so. 🙂


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