ANR MOA Session: Wet and Bared!

It was a rainy day. Of all the Wednesdays before, this one is different.
I was expecting to see a lot of people.

And a lot did came…

…but only a few joined.

My deep admiration and salute to these guys. We did a warm-up run. And I did sweat despite the rain. Almost everybody was on bare foot. What amazed me though is that when we did 5 sets of tabata drills – none of them backed-out. Well, the usual cry for pain was there. The usual going-slowly-on-the-last-set attitude was there. But they did it. WE did. I joined them to show how. There, busted leg and sore muscles!

5 sets only. 8 minutes. But when done properly = soreness! 🙂


Thanks for coming and doing exactly what you came to do. Next time ulit.

ANR MOA is a RAIN or SHINE session. Bear that in mind.


6 thoughts on “ANR MOA Session: Wet and Bared!

  1. Use your Adidas Climacools Coach… they dry really fast with an electric fan lang, and makapit yung blown rubber outsole on wet concrete!

    Eto na lang tuyo ko na shoes! :p

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