Men’sHealth May 2011 Issue

The magazine has always been an exception in my blog. I pick-out the most important items and post them here for their relevance. Of course, not everything. So you’d just have to buy the copy instead.

The Cover

Is it true that I have a 30-minute window before or after exercise where I can eat anything and my body will just urn away the calories easily?

The question was printed in bold at Page 12. But the little stories at the side of that page is far more interesting to read.

How long you should wait post meal before brushing your teeth, to give saliva time to fully re-mineralize and protect your enamel? See page 16!

The fast finger test is an interesting read. see it also in Page 16.

49 = percentage of people who skip breakfast who are overweight or obese. See the HARD ABS, OVER EASY article in Page 24.

See the HOT HEALTH TIP in Page 32. It’s really hot!

I love to cook. The recipe of the Sea Bass with Asparagus in Page 34 definitely made me drool.

The NBA Diet in Page 36 makes a lot of sense. I guess it could apply to anyone – with the same activity.

In Page 42, CORE Muscle page. An article titled: Get Race-Ready Legs may be found. It tells you exactly what to do

to develop their (your legs) strength and the stability.

I’ve done that. I must confess – it’s effective.

I think, Page 51 holds the best reason why you should get a copy of this magazine. Here Be Muscles Take your training into six unchartered territories for guaranteed bigger gains It says:

Working the muscles deep inside your core, hips, and shoulders can increase overall strength gains by up to a third, save you time in the gym, and directly improve performance in any sport…

Now that’s something. It’s worth trying I think.

Page 56 is very interesting. The 18 Best Supplements for Men. We found the fortifiers that will improve your health, brainpower, and sex life. I love this. 🙂

See Page 60. It’s really interesting. I mean, Exciting.

Page 90 to 93 is a must-try. It contains some recipes. Yummy!
The PORK CHOPS with APPLE and ONION is something i’d be doing soon!

Page 104 looks interesting. But after reading it, I have decided that you will need a good coach to be able to do it correctly. It contains the thing Tyson Gay used to beat Usain Bolt in the 100-meter dash.

Nice feature on Page 128! Thank you, Men’sHealth!

Cool idea on Page 132. I enjoyed this issue so much. 🙂 Looking forward to the next.


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