The Challenging Nuvali Trail

The team met at McDonald’s Buendia corner EDSA @ 1am. We hoped to be on the road by 2am to still have more time for rest before the gunstart.

It was a festive morning. We’re just having fun like we always do.

The Crazy BORED peeps
Wacky Team of Bored Runners

A few minutes were spent waiting for a little light from the sun. It was too dark to start on a trail and almost everybody has got no light. 🙂

And off we go…to a welcoming trail of soft soil. No more than 2kms, a big group took a wrong straight. We’re supposed to turn left. I did. They dont. They go straight.

The atmosphere was just quiet and serious. Very little chat, except with the Chito and Mel tandem. Some runners just do not know how to respect others. The mouth is there for a purpose. Some of them would just cut at full speed – without a word. Part of the trail is just not meant for 2.

The first loop was a good run. It was a bit hot but that was expected. After a meal break and a rest for 20 minutes, I walked.

See the following:

My Race Plan
My Actual Race Splits
The Retired Shoes

Yes, I must retire the shoes now. While it gave me a good ride again, the sole was just so battered by the stony trail. I even got 2 small blisters on my left toe. It was too hot. The road to KM 9.5 was just too long on the 2nd loop. I gambled and carried only 1 small bottled water. I ditched the hydration bag – it suddenly felt so heavy. My gamble paid off. I was lighter. But then I suffered and got dehydrated. All the water stations seemed so far. Thanks to one of the marshalls on bike. I asked for a small amount of water and was given.

When I finally reached KM 15.5 water station, I started to run. I was able to refill and drink lots of water. I even used some iced-cold water to pour on my head and neck and chest.

Then I got so thirsty again. And KM 22 is just too far. Thanks to the man below. He saved me.

With Robert Alvarez

When I first saw Robert with JOjo, I got nothing but picture.

1st Loop shot by JOjo Pauly

But on the second loop, I was really looking for a water. And Robert was just at the right place. He even gave me a hammer gel. And a salonpas for my sore calf muscle. What a relief.

I picked up the pace for the 7kms. I was confident to beat the time. I was almost gliding at the stony trail.

Near the last stretch to the finish line…

…and the few meters to bliss!

...meters to the last turn...
..a few steps to the FINISH LINE...

The heat made the whole experience very challenging. I got thirsty but not tired.

The atmosphere at the finish line was just jubilant. Everybody was just happy for everybody.


Yes. Even those who did not finish.

Team Boring and Friends with Papi Jonel
With TEAM MOA ultrarunners
TEAM MOA finished. ALL of them.

Photo credits to the following people:

Kat Orbista
Ruby Bambalan
Jojo Pauly
Jerome Jamili
Jill Kawamura
Junrox Roque

Glory to GOD! Glory to Christ Jesus!


11 thoughts on “The Challenging Nuvali Trail

  1. Congrats Coach! Another ultra race finish on your book.

    The route was really nice and scenic (I bet almost all the runners in both categories fell in love with that “New Zealand” leg) yet challenging with the numerous uphills, downhills and sudden turns. If you’re not paying attention you might run off the right track and get lost as many did to their dismay. But what really tested the determination and strength of the runners was the hot weather. By the 2nd loop, It was just damn too hot even with the occasional overcast sky. Was very thankful I survived the ordeal and as I approach the finish line the cheers and applause from everyone made it all worth it!

  2. Hi there Sir Mar!

    Congratulations on last Sunday’s trail ultra! — You did very well.
    It was nice to see you also before the start. All the best for you and to your team =)

    – Arianne

  3. Thank you so much for the very useful tips before the race. Everytime I see an uphill part of the route, I always remeber the forefoot thing you taught us. Thanks coach!

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