If I were you

…i’d get a coach. So that you won’t have to bug other people and spread out your ignorance over a lot of things related to running. OR, try reading. Google is my pal, you know. We commune almost daily. When in doubt, type!

…i’d buy myself some humility. You sound so all-knowing. You are not a demi-God. Let your running speak for you – not your mouth. It’s not a nice habit to always compare.

…i’d read more on injury prevention. Then, i’d enter the running realm again as a newbie. You just never learn. You continually get injured. I guess it’s time for you to re-assess your running. And do it fast.

…i’d invest more on improving time at short distances. It’s the logical way to see you through the long ones. It’s also wise. Ask yourself why you take so much time at a distance that can be covered in a shorter period of time.

…i’d run first then brag later. You can’t brag about something you have not done, right? And it’s really not polite to be always bragging. It’s nice to shut-up once in a while and listen to the peaceful sound of nothing.

…i’d hate myself. You know why. I’m sure.

9 thoughts on “If I were you

  1. agree po sa lahat ng sinabi nyo. except dun sa paghanap ng personal coach.. wala akong pambayad kaya nagpapacoach na lang ako sa inyo sa aNr MOA & ito basa ng basa pag may time sa internet… =) God bless po

      1. “Getting a coach for free is a chance of a lifetime” – I AGREE!!!! thanks a lot Coach Mar. God bless

  2. Makes perfect sense coach.

    On the lighter side, baka naman cross training nila yung panay buhat ng sariling banko hehehe :p

  3. Nice post, FOREFOOT Runner!

    Yes, there’s no need to brag. HUMILITY is accepting yourself as you are and never feel to be far better than the others in ANY manner. I repeat, in any manner.

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