Ultra Newbie?

…read on.

Got the courage but have no idea how?

Take note.

An ultramarathon takes a lot longer than your marathon. If you have succesfully finished your marathon without the extreme pain nor injury, you must have been able to run at your pace.

Apply the same here.

But do it slower.

It’s wiser to run a negative split or start slow and then pick-up the pace in the middle than to hit it with your best shot and worry later.

How is that?

This way. The way I would run a 60-kilometer with an additional of up to 10K, and the cut-off is 11 hours. (This looks like an event this weekend!) That’s a lot of time, yes. But the last few hours can be your hardest and most difficult race if you lack a lot of things – good-wise-effective plan, leg power, endurance, stamina and will power.

First, and I think is the 2nd most important:

Decide that you will finish the race not necessarily at the exact cut-off time but a minute or two earlier. That sounds a lot like music eh? ♫♪♫☺


Pace yourself. Start slow. Make it your warm-up. Feel the run. But do not over-speed. Remember, it’s a very long run. You can try to finish early – but there’s no guarantee that you can. It’s a lot easier to guarantee that you’ll finish. Remember that it’s your first. It’s a Personal Record (PR), anyway! Check? √


Load and Reload. Since this is a very long run, you need to replenish your fuel. You’d get thirsty and hungry. Worst is – you’d get dehydrated. Dehydration is the gate to a lot of many problems. So you need to avoid that. Drink before you get thirsty. And nibble something before you get hungry. You’ve a done a marathon right? You should know by now how often you get hungry during a run, and how often you get thirsty. Remember to balance water and electrolytes!


Gear-up well. Wear the shoes you are most comfortable with. Yeah, I’m sure you have trained for this. Better use that shoe you used on your longest run on this event – rather than a new one. It’s already tested. It will take you at the same distance again and again.

If it gets too hot, you should have a cap or visor. An arm guard or a long sleeved white dri fit shirt. Others use a lot of sunscreen on their necks and face part. If you have not tried any of these in your training – just run and get burned! Remember, you natural skin will always go back to its normal color. 🙂 Patience!


Don’t get lost.
Don’t whine.
Don’t be noisy too.

The road is not yours. It’s meant for sharing. Sharing comes with respect. Just go about your business…run and smile. You can sing if you like. Classics works best with anyone.


Prepare for the worst.

If it rains, what would you do?
If it gets too hot?
If you get blisters?
If you get cramps?
Call me! 0906-283-6054


Pray. This is the most important.

..ask GOD to bless your run.
..to the Lord to keep you safe from any harm.
..for your run to be a successful one.

Before I forgot. 60 to 70K in 11 hours?

Start to walk, then jog.
First 10K in 80 to 90 minutes. OK, you can take up to 94 minutes – and that’s it!
Repeat the first 10K at choice time.
Repeat again! As long as you’re in the 80 to 94 minutes range, you’re fine!
Take walk breaks if you must. Rest to load and re-load. Catch up on the time.
Keep repeating the 10K target times until the last 10K or 5K (your choice)
Last 10K or 5K – speed up. push harder.
Last 2K to 1K – give it all you got! it’s actually the race with a very long prelude! LOL ☺

Congrats, newbies! You are now an ultra-marathoner! Bragging rights acquired!

12 thoughts on “Ultra Newbie?

  1. love the post, sir… just in time for my first ultra this weekend… thank you for the very useful tips! ;-P

  2. Dagdag ko lang kowts – Walk if you can’t run anymore. Nothing’s wrong with walking in an ultramarathon; it helps you conserve your energy for the later part of the race

  3. Thank you Sir Pojie, first ultra marathon ko as well this week. I will see you there?

    by the way, just for reference, last 10K of the route (more or less) is going up the gabaldon-dingalan mountains 😉

    thanks again 😉

  4. coach mar,

    thanks for the post.. someday i will be an ultramarathoner. for now i am enjoying & preparaing for my 1st FM then well see if im ready for an ultramarathon. may prayers are with you guys lalo na sa mga newbies (mga idol!). i know after this a lot of great stories will come out & id love hearing, reading & listening to your stories & experiences. God bless & enjoy the run.

  5. Hey Coach Mar, great post. I love reading your blogs! Thank you for the tips and advices posted here as well. I’ve got my first taste of ultra running last month but I still have a lot to learn from it. So, in short, I’m still an ultra newbie! See you this weekend. Go Team Boring! Good luck to all runners. 🙂

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