…and the Prophecy was fulfilled.

We have waited for this one for so long…and it happened. Same day as the birthday of my little youngest boy, Cyril.

my little boy turned 6 on this day

The casual blogger night was almost a reunion. 🙂

Eagerly, we tried the shoe out…walked and jogged with it. The shoe speaks for itself. The technology is too noticeable at the first few steps. I like this shoe already.

While it does look good, it’s also light at 12.9 oz only.

* Full-length INFINITY WAVE: ULTIMATE in cushioning, rebound and durability.

*Dynamotion FIT: Reduces lateral stress for optimal fit.

*Smoothride: Optimizes forefoot flex. This smoothride engineering

The Technology

..since I like it so much even at the first try, I will then test it.

Will use it on T2N 50K ultra, but will run a 10-30-40-20 before the big event. Let’s see how good a ride it will be. 🙂

I’m so excited to run more!


Note:  It’s already available in the market for only P 8, 995.00

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