Costs IN and OF running

I am a newbie. I just learned of jogging and how nice it is.

What do I do? They say this is the cheapest sport. I was told that all I need is a shoe, and a free time.


You were mislead. Well, somehow you were told the truth. But it will all change depending greatly on your goal.

First, ask yourself the very reason why you want to jog or run?

Second, based on your answer, ask yourself if you are willing to do it for the rest of your life. If so, then, regardless of your answer, you will still have to spend…err – INVEST!

  • shoes – they wore out. They just don’t last forever.
  • clothes – NOBODY (i think) would want to wear the same thing every time, right?
  • energy drinks – You’d stick to water the rest of your life? Fine with me!
  • energy meals – You do not plan to replenish yourself? LOLz 🙂

Now, again, depending on your original plan (which is more likely to change as you go), there is a big possibility that:

  • you’d break your own goal – I really really think so.
  • you’d want to race more – oh yeah!
  • you’d want to go the distance – very likely!
  • you’d want to go way up high in the scale – this would depend on something.
  • you’d get a coach – unlikely for a broke, but possible for the loaded ones…:) you’d want to improve for sure.

…I think I know someone…





If so, then, (in all vagueness) you will still have to INVEST on:

  • registration  fees – races are not usually free, you know
  •  gas or commuting fare – you can’t be at the starting line if you don’t move!
  • running gadgets – they may be fancy but they do have some purpose
  • running gears – it’s all about comfort!
  • running fuels and hydrations – there’s more to KANIN than “MEATS” the rib-eye! LOLz 🙂

Now on getting a coach:

  • find someone you know – known to have patience
  • find someone you can trust – trust with your weekly future in running
  • find someone who knows their stuff – with the expertise AND experience

Remember. Knowledge of the past is learned, studied, applied and tried, and then passed. No one has the monopoly on learnings.

Google is a good tool if you are patient to seek. But the informations you will get will require a good coach to guide you.

When it comes to running, take everything with a grain of salt.


  • NO PUN intented on my BARE foot runner-friends/readers
  • shoes comes with a pair of socks
  • This is all my humble opinion. NO harm, malice, or offense meant or intended to anyone. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Costs IN and OF running

  1. Pwedeng pwede coach Mar!! Very true both to newbie old runners alike..bottomline talaga is to have a good COACH if you plan to improve as you progress…

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