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10K (almost). August 9, 2011, City of Manila, Flat with Minor inclines, Sunny afternoon, about 5:20pm.

I  started deliberately slow. I tried to find a route where there are dirt and stones, smooth asphalt, concrete, steel, stone bricks, marble and rough asphalt. The City of Manila is made exactly of that!

The ride is simply amazing. The cushioning of the shoe is very much apparent. I shifted strikes to test the feel. I honestly think it’s really really good. You can feel the feet being carried by the support. The bounce is also smooth. Liken to a bike, it’s like running in full suspension! I like it!

The heel, the mid, and the forefoot is very much cushioned and supported.

The rolling effect is also smooth. You can feel the impact roll too from heel to mid to toe.

Going up, the forefoot toe-push is also smooth.

Works well on bursts, and long sprints. I even tried to land on full flat – still, the impact is absorbed by the shoes.

I also like the feel of it when walking. It just rolls along with your gait!

As expected – no blister for me.

This is a 9.45K run in 1 hour and 10 minutes.  I stopped at points where I need to take a picture of my route. Will add the pictures here soon.

via Daily Mile

Very nice shoes. Very very nice!

12K. August 14, 2011, ULTRA Oval, Pasig City, Sunday morning @ 6am.

Tried to vary the strikes in all fours of the foot. The cushioning stands-out. Forefoot strike is too silent – I love it! At varying speeds, while using a new pair of socks too, the ride is almost perfect. However, hotspots manifest at about the 25th loop (10K). Identified it well for monitoring on the longer runs. Still, a remarkable run. A 12K run in 1 hour and 21 minutes.

19.4K. August 28, 2011. Tagaytay to Talisay. Sunday morning @ 5am. The 4th Test Run.

The shoes lived-up to my expectation. It even surprised me. This was the longest run so far. It’s the most hilly. It’s also wet. Wet inside and out.

We started a bit slow but picked-up the pace as we near Ligaya Drive. It was a challenging route. The gravity pull is so strong – you will just have to go along with it. The cushioning was just perfect.

Running was really a lot easier when you are confident with your shoes.

A 19.4K run in 2 hours 13 minutes. CJ and Daph were a lot faster than me…

Yes that's me going up. Guess who is chasing! 🙂

50K – T2N! 🙂 September 17, 2011. 5am. Tagaytay to Nasugbu. Saturday morning. The ultimate test run.

1st 30K was fine – in fact very nice. I was just rolling at the hills. I average 6:44/km on the 1st 20K. Next 10K after the 20K averaged 7:42/km. After KM 34, my feet hurt so much. I was forced to stop and wait until the pain is tolerable. Wasted a lot of time going to the 40th KM. Sustained a blister too in my right pinky toe.

the shoe

Summary of the shoe performance:

Good shoe for distances 32K and below. Will reconsider using this on 42Ks and up. Ride is exceptional on hills – but then, not over 32K.

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