A Toast to the Monster

Hydration and Fueling is not that complicated for me now. I have trained and tested what to do. Let’s see.

5K run. No need to drink. No need to eat. Just keep on running until you are where you started. 🙂

10K run. Same banana as the 5K. Only, make it a bit faster as you near the finish line.

15K/16K run. 2 quick gulp is enough. No need to  stay in the water station that long.

20k/21K run. 2 to 3 quick gulp is also enough for me. Electrolytes required.

32K run. Drink onthis one. At KM 15, 20, 25, and 30. Sprint to finish.

42K run. Depending on the weather, but it’s best to keep hydrating every 45 minutes. Adjust to every 30 minutes when it gets hot. Drink both, water and electrolytes at every drink.

50K to 80K run. Drink every 5K. Eat on the first 2 hours. Nibble on something at every 5K. Increase water and electrolytes intake when it gets too hot.

102K run. Eat on the first 1.5 hours, then on the 3rd hour, 5th hour, and so on. Drink every 5K. Adjust to every 3K when it gets hot. Repeat cycle until you finish. It’s important to nibble on something at every rest/pitstop.

160K run. Same with 102K, except that this one is a lot longer. Hot soup works best. Power nap too.  Never neglect the pitstops to drink.  Try your best to eat, nibble and munch on something. Always keep a bottle of water and electrolytes handy at every 3K.



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