PAU T2N. Again!


Time to beat.

1st 10K then was in 65 minutes.
2nd 10K was 84 minutes.
3rd 10K was 91 minutes.
4th 10K was 107 minutes.
Next 5K took me 51 minutes. I really took my time. Saving much energy for the last push. There was really no need to hurry, I think. I’m still ahead of the target time.
Next 4K took me 48 minutes. I was thirsty at this point – having lost my support. Carried nothing. Thanks to Team CB when I stumbled upon them.
Last 1K = 8 minutes and 42 seconds. Ran and stopped to talk to some friends then sprint to finish.

I still can taste the finish line, then. I stompped on it.

Thanks to Marvin Pangan for this Shot!

But that was before. It was a cold November 14 of 2010.

Now, the 2nd PAU T2N will be on September 17. It could be cold, it could be very hot. But we’ll see. We can only plan. God is the one who implements things. 🙂 I am only borrowing my strength. But I do intend to run better this time. With that, I mean, faster. 🙂

May God Almighty bless this run and guide my ways, as always. Amen.

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