Watch Out

It’s September 17 already. It’s T2N day. It’s an ultramarathon 50K. Watch out!  (not in any particular order)

#1 Your hydration and meal plan.

Nothing NEW on race day. Don’t even try something you have not tried before! Well, of course you can – only be prepared for anything ODD that might happen.

#2 Your race strategy.

You cannot just go there and run along with anyone or anybody. You have to have some sort of  REALISTIC target. If you have trained well, then use that training. Otherwise, if you are undertrained, you might have to stick to your comfortable pace – not with the comfortable pace of OTHERS. And it’s not wise to start out fast when you are undertrained. Worst is to start out too fast for your own legs.

#3 Your mind-set.

Never doubt yourself than you can DO this! BUT…never underestimate the distance.

#4 Your plan B.

Never forget that in an ultra, there’s no one-single weather. You should have prepared for anything that might come – the heat, the cold, the breeze, the rain, etc.

Carry a small amount of cash should you be in a situation where you will need to buy something.

Don’t be shy to ask for help. You will remember this when you get there. 🙂

#5 You 3S-F

Shower. Shave. Show-up to Finish!

DNS is never an option. Unless you have an emergency.

…and I really do not see the point of not finishing when you are able to start. Unless of course you have an emergency. An injury or something equally painful to stop you. Otherwise, all other known excuses will not be accepted. 🙂

God bless the runners!

1 Corinthians 9:24

New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)

 24 In a race all the runners run. But only one gets the prize. You know that, don’t you? So run in a way that will get you the prize.

New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)Copyright © 1996, 1998 by Biblica


6 thoughts on “Watch Out

  1. i just wonder what to shave… hahaha.

    I read an article that most bikers do shave their legs & in swimming competition especially in olympics, swimmers do shave their body hair including armpits. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip coach.

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