What was Then

Last February 26-27 of this year was my longest ultramarathon ever. It was also the most expensive. Luckily, a lot of friends, family and acquaintances donate some for my quest. I was so blessed. I registered and paid for the logistic-expense thru these donations.

Overwhelmed by the response then, I was determined to finish the run. All 161 kilometers of it.

…and I did finished!

I never doubted that I can. But none prepared us for the gruelling distance. It was the 1st 160K Ultra. While I didn’t underestimate the distance, other factors do need a lot of consideration.

#1 Lack of ENOUGH sleep before the event.
#2 TIME MANAGEMENT of “MINI” rests during the event.
#3 Temperature at MIDNIGHT to Morning, from the Temperature at day time.

That was then. That was what happened before.

This time, given the opportunity to register and be accepted and given God’s grace of provision for all that I will need, I intend to run again.

I intend to beat my own time from the last time.
I intend to beat the cut-off.
I intend to make this run a better run.

But these are just my intentions.

By God’s grace, I pray that I’d be able to do it all as planned. 🙂

I pray that I will not have to beg (from friends and family) too. 🙂


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