2nd PAU T2N report

TIME TO BEAT = 7 hours 38 minutes 14 seconds. Actual time (based on my POLAR – pending the official result) = 7 hours 10 minutes 15 seconds

PLACE TO BEAT = 134th. ACTUAL PLACE = 115th.

This is a new PR for me for PAU T2N. While breaking-in for an ultimate test run a new shoes.

1st 20K in 2:14:53 – an average of 6 minutes 44 seconds per kilometer. Good start. Very nice ride with my Wave Prophecy.

Next 10K in 1:17:01 – an average of 7 minutes 42 seconds per kilometer. Slowed down a bit. 30K Time is 3 hours31 minutes 55 seconds – an average of 7 minutes 03 seconds per kilometer.

Next 10K was hard. Pain sets in. My feet was just so painful by kilometer 34. I have to stop and wait until the pain is tolerable. Did a lot of slow walks. Wasted a lot of time. Took me 1 hour 51.19 seconds for a 10K. Too slow. Too many stops. Too many walks. Hotspots started to manifest in the shoe. Sustained a blister on my right pinky toe.

Next 7K in 1:16:53 – an average of 10 minutes 59 seconds per kilometer. Was reduced to a jogger walker. Jogged and Walked in pain.

Last 3.5K in 30 minutes 08.4 seconds. An average of 8 minutes 36 seconds. This was the hottest time. I took of my rash guard at KM 30. Felt the heat of the sun in this last 3.5K. It felt like a battle of joggers. I was able to maintain a good pace despite frequent walks. The pain just won’t leave me.

Glory to God for this run. It’s still a good run. New PR. Better placing. Good start. Will to finish is again tested.

Pictures to follow. I ran on self-support. But was able to get a lot of cheers and offers of drinks from good friends – TEAM BORING, TEAM CB, TEAM USB, TEAM KAMOTE RUNNERS, TEAM UNGAS and HANGOUT BUDDIES.

May the blessing of the Lord be upon them all.


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