Shoes For All Occasions!

Here’s a toast to the shoes I use for a particular running distance. 🙂 Cheers!

I don’t usually change shoes. What I wear @ the Starting line is the same shoe I finish with.

The Adidas Pairs I use
For 5K and lower distances ONLY

I use this one on short runs only. I find it’s better use on my long walks – but no more than 5K too. It’s just too hard on my feet.  It’s a sure pain going beyond 5K.

21K up to 81K shoes!

I finished the following races with this one:

  • PAU Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija to Dingalan, Aurora 60K Ultramarathon. 1 blister though.
  • Mayon 360-degrees 50-miler. No blister.
  • First 66 kilometers of BDM 160K. No blister.  Some cramps.
  • Fat-Ass 2011 24-hour run. Was able to complete 88 kilometers. No blister.
21K up to infinity

Obviously, I prefer this one on my long distance runs. I like the wide toe-box and the cushioning. Feels light to me too!

  • MIM 42K. 1 blister. Same spot as PAU Fort Mag, and PAU 2nd T2N.
  • Last 85 kilometers of BDM 160K. Endured the blister acquired from the F50.
21K down. Speed shoes.

Now this one is my favorite (no offense meant to the Orange one – yes, I have an Orange while this one is Green) on Pikermis’ 10-milers and 5K to 10K short runs. First used this @ BDM 160K after KM 66. Was able to catch up on my time but I ended up with a big blister and a swollen foot. Blame it on the rocky road of Lubao.

I like this shoe best on my 10-milers and 5K runs. Was able to record good times with these. No blisters at all if 21K and below only on good road running surfaces.

Wet or dry – I run at almost the same speed (given the same condition at time of race). I regularly use this one on my weekday sprints. It’s just built for it.

Up for a good break-in is the Orange F50, and the ClimaCool. Watch-out for it.


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