New Shoes Tested

Finally. Was able to run after Sunday’s marathon.

21 Loops

The shoe felt nice. No issues at all. Just some good ride.

Going down the ramp at top speed felt nice.

Going up the ramp felt good – except for some pressure build-up in my knee. But the pressure is just not there when I run up at top speed.

The run on flat surfaces felt better. The shoe seems to breathe. The air/wind enters the mesh.

The shoe somehow lives up to its name:  it’s a cool ride!

adidas ClimaCool Ride

Let’s find out how it will perform on longer distances! Soon! Will update.

Updated October 4, 2011:


Updated October 5, 2011:

Still good. 🙂

Updated October 12, 2011:

Still cool! 🙂


Updated October 27, 2011:

All runs using this CLIMACOOL
Not bad. 🙂

Now compare this result with this one: CLICK ME. Nice di ba?



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