Last September 25, 2011, a week after the 2nd T2N 50K ultramarathon, I ran a marathon.

Yeah. I’m a running addict. I admit it.

@ the Manila International Marathon, I am very much surprised @ a lot of things.

  • the event was moved from it’s original date in June 2011. but, the certificate still shows the date June 26, 2011
  • the medal which is supposed to be given to all finishers is just not there. We were made to list our names on a wet yellow paper. Promised to receive the same THIS WEEK. It’s now a Friday. NO medal yet. NO calls. No text message.
  • the cut-off time for this event is 6 hours. I learned that the Official Time was turned-off after 5-hours. I don’t know. I didn’t get the exact words from a reliable source. All I know is that when I crossed the finish line, time is already off and the sensors too for the timing chip in our bibs. This made me think. They didn’t even get the portion of the bib with the spindle hole.
  • the road was opened to vehicular traffic even before the cut-off time. I have to literally watch-out for speeding cars and buses as I approach the last 6 kilometers to the finish line at Roxas Blvd. That means taking the space in the middle of the isles while braving to walk-jog-run EDSA and BUENDIA flyovers!
  • the first loop was good enough, in terms of water and pocari drinks. the 2nd loop – which is exactly when you are in most need of the water and pocari is also the same time you’ll find NONE. Oh yeah! how loving!
  • at the last stretch to the finish line, about 700m, I was running in between cars until I reach past Quirino Avenue. it was a good open lane for runners. see the picture below (thanks to BAVE Dela Cruz!). as you can see, I immediately took note of my time. and made sure I stopped where it should stop. I was running behind those 3 runners in the last 700m. I overtook them all – only to see a dead timer at the finish line. 🙂
    Thanks, Bave!

    Tell me if this will make you happy and jump with joy if you were me. You cross a finish line – knowing full well the cut-off time and beating it, only to find a dead timer and a dead sensor – after dodging and squeezing in-between speeding cars and buses. My timer says: 5:41:24

  • as a consolation, i did get a small bottle of pocari after crossing the finish line. thanks, MIM!
  • updated my dailymile with lots of reservations on this event
  • SURPRISED: to find a race result with almost the same time as my recorded time typo in my name. What I saw was Marilin. LOLz…

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