Seek and Find

Over time we all come to a point when we assess our particular life in running.

Yes, we never question that we are runners. We are resolved to agree within ourselves to that.

Yes, we never question why.

We start to question things when something or anything or (worst) everything is just not right.

Shocked to Learn

When we have carefully logged our runs and our times over the years, we get to notice some shocking truth: Either we slowed down a bit or we sped up a lot. 🙂 By experience this is already something easy to say. But a good record of your runs with distances and time will be of great help as proof.

My 2010 marathon time is a whole lot faster than my 2009 and 2011. But then, I was able to join and finished more ultramarathons in this current year.

Eager to Seek, Brave to Find

When we see some weakness or areas of improvement in our running lives, we normally start to seek out some help or the solution. Yes, we normally do not stop until such is found.

When some great article lead me to the topic of Vo2 max and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), I guess I must have spent a lot of great time searching, googling and reading everything about it. That was just the start. It’s a whole lot different when you get to try what you have read – (you learn that it’s not that easy). 🙂


  • try contentment. not everything you heard or learn about would apply specifically to you. our bodies have limitations. we can try to test that limit – but take caution: there is a thin line between a good workout and over doing it.
  • try guidance. there’s no harm asking question. over something that interests us the most, it is most wise to ask those who are experienced. Knowledgeable people are everywhere. They’re just about at every corner.  The easiest person to find is that someone who is all knowing. take caution: a good guidance will lead you to improvement and take you away from injury.
  • try moderation. i think, and this is my humble opinion – that all great runners are into a good practice of moderation – and moderation is relative to the runner’s biomechanics and capacity for torture. find your own level of moderation. when in doubt – conserve. it pays to err on the safe side.
  • try humility. let your accomplishment boast on its own. i dont see the need to brag when the feat already shouts about it. take caution: never brag of something you have never done.

Some scriptural guidance:

Proverbs 27:1

Common English Bible (CEB)

 1 Don’t brag about tomorrow,  for you don’t know  what a day will bring.


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