Look Far and Ahead

It’s such a frenzy. Smiling, I watched the excitement all around my friend’s status at Facebook. It was a positive thing…

…and the ultrarunning community has never been this much alive.

Left and right, status updates of acceptance and thank yous abound.

All over, it was a nice thing to see. Happy faces. Over two (2) things. Excitement and Worry.

Let’s see. Let’s go deep down those feelings…

Excitement is characterized by a surging happy emotion – happiness brought about by “The Acceptance”. It’s a good feeling. While we all like that, we should also be aware that for us to truly enjoy our excitement – let it be expressed. Hence, the flood of status updates.

I am happy too, upon seeing my own “Acceptance” email. But I am not as excited as the new ones. Whether for the 160-k or 102-k (both of which, I have), the same feeling is felt. I heard of a story of someone who jumped for joy upon seeing the mail. But there are those whose excitement was over-turned more by worry.

One word for this people: RELAX!

It’s too early to worry. The better thing to do is to enjoy the moment and let your mind play on your strategies. Yes, strategies. What do you plan to do now? Oh yeah, I’m sure (and I do hope) that you will train. Now, how? A newbie for the 160-k should be able to answer that. They already have the experience of a 100++ and/or 160K already. But for the 102-k newbie, I bet the longest one could have had is only 80K…and the average ones could only reminisce on a 50K experience. Hush now, don’t cry. Again, let me state: IT’S TOO EARLY to be worried.

Yes, you should feel excited. It’s the grandest event of the year…and most probably, the greatest run you’d ever had in your life time. Hence, it’s wise to prepare. And not just be prepared, but be really prepared. Train. Train well. Train properly.

It’s pointless to worry at this stage – you’d get a lot of that mixed emotions on race week. Yes, you’d experience not sleeping at all. Maybe. Probably. It happened to a lot of newbies. But then it may not at all happen to someone who is well trained and properly prepared. 🙂

Seek out some answers. Find them guys who have the experience. Listen to their stories. Pick the good ones. Listen with caution. Not all the bad things that happened to everybody will happen to you. Not every bad experience others have had will automatically happen to you. Let’s just be very clear of the proper perspective at looking into things.

Yes, not everything that works for them will work for you. That is the very reason why you need to train.

Look far and ahead. Focus. Recall the best experiences you’ve had and the learnings from the worst.

You have all the time now to try everything.

  • Hydration
  • Fuel
  • Gears
  • Weather tolerance

Test them. Test yourself. Be very much aware of what things would work best for you. It’s your ticket to the happiest finish line in the planet (where all your loving family and friends await).

Above everything, pray.

It works for me.


5 thoughts on “Look Far and Ahead

  1. the feeling: receiving ad reading that MS Word doc, its like an early Christmas gift from Santa
    Nice piece! A newbie like me is indeed very excited hehe.. contemplating on strategy hehehe

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