105 days to go…

I take time to think sometimes.

Today is the 15th of October, 2011. The race i’m looking forward to do well and better is on the 28th of January, 2012. That’s exactly 105 days away and I have no “meaty” training/preparation so far. Yes, I have a training plan but I am not able to follow it due to my work schedule. Of course it’s too early to panic, and I just don’t panic. I know exactly what to do – I am just not able to it. 🙂 (I should panic na?) LOLz

105 days is more than enough I think. However gradual my progress will be, I’ll make sure it’s one that is effective and safe. There is a very thin line between the right speed and the one that will go over – and doing so would likely result to an injury. Just the same, a volume way too big over and above what is only right might just turn out to be junk, over-distance-over-training. But then, I will also not over-speculate over something I have not done.

Looking back at my BDM 160K performance and the recovery time it took me to be in good shape again, I was surprised. About an exact 30 days after, I was able to run a 10-mile at my usual race speed. 2 weeks of no-run could be the key, and the slow progressive short distance run/walk to recovery.  But let me look back to the training I have done before. I do recall having a good condition on race day, then. Observations:

  • 3 weeks of taper before the big day. lots of short easy runs though, leading to the race week where I go no-run at all.
  • last ultra-long run is about 4 weeks before the big day. Check.
  • the same period last year, i was only able to run the following:
  1. October 2010 Week 3= 10K Week 4= 36K Totals 46K
  2. November 2010 Week 1= 22K week 2= 56K Week 3= 35K Week 4= 11K Totals 124K
  3. December 2010 Week 1= 52K Part November.  Week 2= 24K Week 3= 31K Week 4= 17K Week 5= 27K Part January. Totals 151K
  4. January 2011 Week 1= 91K Week 2= 7K Week 3= 49K Week 4= 61K Totals 208K
  5. February 2011 Week 1= 18K Week 2= 9K Week 3= 19K Week 4= Race Week. No run but the Big Event.
  • shorter ultramarathon events before the big day helped a lot.
  • a log of the previous year’s runs helps a lot too.
  • total runs for the month equates to just a week’s run of other ultrarunner friends – such slack …(i work graveyard, like i do now, for the month’s of December and January…)

Now…given the 105 days, I will have to start from scratch.

  • time trials on 10Ks and 16ks (which very much determines my fitness)
  • specific speed training
  • long long runs at good intervals for adequate recovery
  • 2 successive week of 42k training run (works wonders for me)

105 days or exactly 15 weeks (what’s this a marathon?) I will have to do my best and make do with all that I can only do.

God help me.

May the grace of the Lord be upon me to guide me and lead me to the right things to do – for His glory. Amen. 🙂


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