On Long Run Days

It’s the time for training. Every ultrarunner is up on long runs. Specially the new ones.

Lucky are the ones who has all the time to train.

It’s quite a struggle for the likes of me who works on graveyard shift. Not to mention being a Father, and a Husband.

Schedule is a real big deal for the likes of me. You have to find ways to get a run – however short or long, no matter the time.

…I have to really think of solutions to solve this seemingly hard puzzle. I need a balance of time and schedule for work, family and training runs.

…by taking heart – i was able to.

Check this out. At the front page of my blog page, you’ll find my training plan for BDM 160K. All I have to do is follow what’s written in it, right? That easy, right?

  • I run very early in the morning now. The time when the kids and the wife is fast asleep. So that by the time they woke up – I’m home already. Like I didn’t leave a all! I did this last Monday – my day-off. I felt sleepy late in the afternoon na. After some errands. I take my youngest to school, and fetch him after a couple of hours. In between hours, I try to be a useful husband, housemate and slave. 🙂
  • I sneak a short run after work. Yes, that’s after my graveyard work. It’s tough for others. But my body was able to adapt to it. My fastest so far is a close 6K at 6 minutes 24 seconds pace. I save cash. I get to run. I even get home faster than when I would ride at the same distance. So ma-trafik sa Manila eh.
  • When time permits, I sneak a short but quality run in the afternoon. I need to be home by dinner. I have to prepare and rest before going to work. This means I have to make my run short – but not too short, fast and if possible at my fastest – to maximize the time.
  • As much as I can – anyways, most of the time, my youngest son is with me – I take him to a short run too. He likes it. He joins me. Would even try to pace with me until he can’t take it anymore. Kids! So wonderful!
  • I have the license to run on weekends at races – only if I have a registration. And if my schedule (I get to swap schedule sometimes) would permit. It’s my tempo/time trial/threshold training. Thanks to my blogging activity – I do get to have a few free race kits. 🙂

How do I handle boredom, you might ask. I count my steps. I maintain a steady count-rhythm. It occupies my mind, and it works. When I get tired, I walk. Yes, as simple as that. Recover then run again. I also never doubt what I can or cannot do. The minute I’m out on a run I make it a point to finish the targeted distance. But I won’t take it against myself if Im a kilometer off. I take the run as a whole. If it’s good enough – which means I was steadily running at a good pace for a desired time – it’s something to celebrate about. If I can extend more, all the better. If I cannot, for whatever reason, no problem. As it is, let it be.

Long runs are meant to be enjoyable too. It has to be continuous to be effective. It has to be moderately hard enough even when you say it’s easy. A small effort on top of what-should-have-been-a-slow-jog is good enough for me.

Slowly, i’d get to what and where I want to be.  I’d take my time though, and make sure I get no injury.

I’d rather be running at my pace week after week after week than be sidelined for a couple of months by running too fast.

I really do want to run forever.


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