Training Notes ©

Start by BELIEVING in yourself…that you can do what you set out to do™…

  • Don’t just copy things other runners do.
  • Investigate – Why they do what they do
  • Ask questions – How to properly do things
  • Know what you are doing – There’s no harm in reading
  • Always stick to the gradual progression of things. You will remember this statement the minute you get injured.
  • There’s no excuse in training. There’s also no excuse in running. We only have =  ALIBIs!
  • Cross-train for fitness
  • Invest on Shoes…and a very good pair of socks!
  • Hydrate always
  • Listen to what your body is telling you. You have just overtrained when you get sick.©
  • Intervals have time for rests and’s not a tempo! LOLz
  • You can’t run at 100%…so don’t brag about giving your all. The body has it’s own limit. It can only take so much.©
  • All runs start with walking. So don’t be shy. Walking is normal. It’s how you get to the starting line, right?
  • Practice includes the run, the hydration, the fuel, the gear and the will.©
  • Rest, and Recovery is part of the training, like it’s a run. You have to do it.
  • …(will add more as the thought come.)

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